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Magnetic Instruments

Looking for sensing/measuring solutions to your magnetic applications?  NextWare offers a new series of magnetic instruments, such as Gaussmeters, Fluxmeters, Hysteresis Loop Tracers, and Iron Loss Testers.  Those low-cost devices/systems will help you complete your project quickly and qualify your magnet-related products for your customers.

Handheld/Desktop Gaussmeters, Desktop Fluxmeters, and AC/DC Hysteresis Loop Tracers for soft/permanent magnetic materials are widely used in applications of material science, electric industries, steel industries, and biological engineering.



— Low cost, compact and handheld/ desktop Gaussmeters for DC and AC magnetic field. Suitable for scientific research or industrial applications.


— Measure the induction flux of various permanent magnets and the peak value of pulse field. Ideal for magnet testing and sorting in automatic assembly line.

Hysteresis Loop Tracers

Hysteresis loop containing intrinsic properties of a specific magnetic part can be precisely traced via our Hysteresis Loop Tracers.  We offer solutions to magnetic materials with DC or AC measuring method.

Iron Loss Testers

— Digital, precision, desktop iron loss tester for in-site measurement of raw material quality in manufacturing industry of motor and transformer.