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In nxSensor family, there are two categories of sensors: nxSensor-I and nxSensor-II to select for different applications. Users can integrate either sensor into their own systems depending on particular applications.

nxSensor-I is the most cost-saving sensor/scanner in its class and suitable for middle- and low-accuracy applications. It uses a single laser stripe to sense the measured object and provides 480 points per acquisition and outputs up to 6,400 points per second.

nxSensor-II offers the professional solution to acquire data from object with a larger measuring range, better accuracy, and higher speed. It utilizes the faster DSP to collect more surface data than nxSensor-I, and outputs 2048 sample points per grab at a maximum rate of 122,880 points per second (60 frames per second).

A multi-wire adaptor to Renishaw PH10M/MQ is optional for both laser scanners. This allows the sensor/scanner to scan objects from all orientations without requalification. This will automate your entire scanning process and improve scanning efficiency.


  • Sophisticated Laser Technology for Non-contact Sensing and Measuring with self-adaptive capability;
  • Advanced Digital Imaging Technology with Real-time Data Acquisition and Processing;
  • Embedded Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for Dedicated 3-D Coordinate Computing from Real-time Image Data;
  • Auto-learn & Auto-track Functions for Dynamically Tracking Object Conditions;
  • Plug-n-Play Industry-standard USB Interface Ready for Networking in Multiple-task Measurement Environments;
  • Built-in External Trigger and Software Trigger Modes for Synchronization.
  • Low-power & Sleep Modes for Less Power Consumption During Standby.
  • Pre-calibrated, Miniaturized and Compact Designs Suitable for Most Existing Motion Systems.
Parameter nxSensor-I/nxSensor-IP nxSensor-II/nxSensor-IIP
Working Distance 175mm 100mm
Measuring Range -60mm(z)×48mm(y) ~ +40mm(z)×28mm(y) -30mm(z)×52mm(y) ~ +20mm(z)×40mm(y)
Max. Data Points 480 points per line 2048 points per line
Max. Data Rate 6,400 points per second 122,880 points per second
Resolution 0.005 mm 0.005 mm
Accuracy up to 0.025 mm up to 0.015 mm
Operating Temperature 10 ~ 30°C 10 ~ 30°C
Connection Port USB 1.1 USB 2.0
Power DC +12V at 0.4A Bus powered
Dimensions 139mm(L)×94mm(W)×41mm(H) 115mm(L)×78mm(W)×40mm(H)
Net Weight 450g/435g 250g/300g
The technical data is subject to change without notice


nxSensor with universal connector (block):

nxSensor with multi-wire adaptor to PH10M:

Typical Applications:

1. Integrated with existing CMMs to complete scanning or measuring tasks;
2. Work with robots, portable/articulated arms to perform object detection and inspection.
3. On-line inspection/gauging as stand-alone sensor — nxSpector.

nxSensor-I Data Sheet 

nxSensor-II Data Sheet