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nxScanner is a new member in nx-family and dedicated for fast 3D object digitizing. Compared with nxSensor, it offers whole-field data acquisition and large working distance. Precisely calibrated digitizer is applicable to digitize large objects in any place to replace expensive laser scanning machines. It can output up to 307,200 points within 3 seconds.

For building a 3D digital model of an object, nxScanner is your optimal choice. nxScanner allows you to capture a whole object from different views without mechanical motion. All data pieces from multiple views are registered and represented in one whole object.

nxScanner is associated with nxClone to acquire and process data. nxScanner has two models with different working distances and measuring ranges: nxScanner-400 and nxScanner-600.


  • Precision Phase-Measuring Technology for Non-contact Sensing and Measuring with Self-adaptive Capability;
  • Advanced Digital Imaging Technology with High-speed Data Acquisition and Processing;
  • Auto-learn & Auto-track Functions for Dynamically-Tracking Object Conditions;
  • Plug-n-Play USB 2.0 Interface Easy for Installation and Operation;
  • Whole-field Acquisition for Digitizing Complicated and Large Object.
  • Low-power & Sleep Modes for Less Power Consumption When Standby.
  • Associated With nxClone Software for Data Cloud Processing, Polygon Modeling.


Parameter nxScanner-400 nxScanner-600
Working Distance 400 mm 600 mm
Measuring Range 80mm(x)×60mm(y)×50mm(z) 120mm(x)×84mm(y)×70mm(y)
Max. Data Points 307,200 points 307,200 points
Max. Data Rate up to 3 seconds* up to 3 seconds*
Resolution 0.005 mm 0.010 mm
Accuracy up to 0.020 mm up to 0.030 mm
Operating Temperature 20 ~ 30°C 20 ~ 30°C
Connection Port USB 2.0 USB 2.0
Power AC 110V~240V 15W AC 110V~240V 15W
Dimensions 219mm(L)×194mm(W)×65mm(H) 339mm(L)×194mm(W)×65mm(H)
Net Weight 1.95kg 2.5kg
The technical data is subject to change without notice
(*The actual time depends on CPU speed of the computer)


Typical Applications:

1. Scan large objects from different directions (views). Multiple views are registered via software.
2. Scan small/medium parts with or without rotary stage. When working with rotary stage, it will dramatically reduce the registration time.
3. Integrated with robots or other mechanical motion systems to perform various scanning or measuring tasks.

We can build customized nxScanner for your special applications with different working distances and measuring ranges. Contact us for more information.