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MATS-2010H — DC Hysteresisgraph

General Information:

DC B-H Hysteresis Loop: Automatic measurement of the demagnetization curve of permanent magnetic materials such as ferrite, rubber & plastic magnet, AlNiCo, NdFeB, SmCo etc. Accurate measurement of the magnetic characteristic parameters: trace Br, coercive force HcB, intrinsic coercive force HcJ and maximum magnetic energy product (BH)max.

Conforms to international standard IEC 404-5.



  • Automatic measurement on saturation hysteresis loop and magnetic characteristic parameters: Js, Br, HcB, HcJ, (BH)max of general permanent-magnet materials such as Ferrite, Rubber & Plastic Magnet and AlNiCo etc.
  • Automatic measurement of demagnetization curve and magnetic characteristic parameters at 2nd quadrant: Br, HcB, HcJ, Hk (H90) and (BH)max of rare-earth permanent-magnet materials, such as NdFeB, SmCo etc.
  • Acceptable sample shapes: toroid, round cake, square, tile and other irregular shapes.
  • Adopt B-coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetic induction, zero shift of integrator can be auto-corrected through software.
  • Adopt J-coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetical polarization, remnant coil area of J-coil can be automatically compensated through software.
  • Use Hall magnetometer to measure magnetic field intensity, non-linear error of Hall probe can be achieved within ±0.2% for 0 ~ 2.4 T range via software.
  • Adopt H-coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetic field intensity, Hall magnetometer used to indicate zero point of magnetic field to completely eliminate its nonlinear error.
  • Automatically set the range of magnetic excitation voltage, fluxmeter and magnetometer.
  • Complete magnetization, testing and demagnetization of general permanent magnetic from 20 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Perform saturation magnetization and testing of rare-earth permanent magnetic samples from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • Select state of demagnetization or magnetization of tested samples.
  • Optional heater and temperature controller to detect magnetic characteristics of Ferrite, AlNiCo and rare-earth materials under high temperature (maximam 220°C).
  • Select shoe jig for direct measurement on magnetic shoe.



Measuring error on entire magnetic hysteresis cycle of AlNiCo standard sample: B: 1%, H: 1%:

Parameters Measured Br (%) HcB (%) HcJ (%) (BH)max (%)
Uncertainty( k = 2 ) 1 1 1 2
Repeatability (const. Temperature) ±0.3 ±0.3 ±0.3 ±1


Standard package includes:

Serial No. Model Name MATS-2010H130 MATS-2010H150 MATS-2010H200 MATS-2010H250
1  Electromagnet  DCT130  DCT150  DCT200  DCT250
2  Power Supply  2 kW  3 kW  12 kW  18 kW
3  Fluxmeter  One LZ-210B  Two LZ-210B
4  Magnetometer  LZ-210H
5  Data Acquisition  PC6023
6  Software  HMTest partial functions HMTest full functions
7 Computer  PC Computer
8  Standard Specimen  One AlNiCo standard sample
9  Coil  One B-coil  One J-coil  J-coil + H-coil  J-coil + H-coil
10  Specimen Types  AlNiCo
11  Specimen Size
(with round sample as an example)
 Diameter 3 ~ 100 mm
Thickness 3 ~ 50 mm
Ø < 130 – 1.2 H
General permanent magnetic:
Ø 3 ~ 60 mm
H 3 ~ 50 mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø 5 ~ 20 mm
H 5 ~ 15 mm
General permanent magnetic:
Ø 3 ~ 90 mm
H 3 ~ 50 mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø 5 ~ 30 mm
H 5 ~ 20 mm
General permanent magnetic:
Ø 3 ~ 120 mm
H 3 ~ 50 mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø 5 ~ 50 mm
H 5 ~ 30 mm

Optional Models:

Serial No. Model Name Functional Description Remark
1  B-Coil  Direct measurement on sample magnetic induction density, no need to wind  Customized, suitable to general permanent-magnet materials
2  J-Coil  Direct measurement on sample magnetical polarization, no need to wind  Customized, suitable to all permanent-magnet materials
3  Regular Head  Work with electromagnet to generate uniform magnetic field   Standard configuration for DCT130, optional to other models
4  Horn Head  Generate larger uniform magnetic field  Optional to all models
5  Shrinkage Head  Improve maximal magnetic field of electromagnet  Standard configuration except for DCT130
6  Iron Cobalt Head  Improve maximal magnetic field for about 0.3 T  Optional Only to DCT200 and DCT250
7  Head with Heater  Used to measure the properties of permanent-magnet materials under high temperature  Optional to all models
8  TCS-200 Temperature Controller  Used to control temperature of heater, temperature range: 50 ~ 250°C  Optional for various heads
9  Tile Fixture  Used to measure magnetic shoes  Optional, customized to specific magnetic shoe size



  • Windows OS compatible software with excellent user interface.
  • Fully automated measurement process without user intervention.
  • Display B(H) magnetization curve, B(H) magnetic hysteresis loop, or μ(H) permeability curve; shows coordinate information of each point on curve.
  • Print preview function can conveniently regulate the size and edge distance of test reports.
  • Customized test reports with complete curve diagrams, test results, test conditions and parameters.
  • Test reports can be directly printed or generated as JPG image file.



  • The desk in the picture is NOT included in the configuration.
  • Optional laser printer is available.