Laser Scanners

With state-of-the-art laser and imaging technologies, NextWare has developed a series of 3D optical digitizers and laser scanners/sensors for Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Object Digitization, as well as In-process Gauging and Sorting in industrial environments. NextWare has made a great progress on system miniaturization and performance improvement to meet different needs of our customers. Our …

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Magnetic Instruments

Looking for sensing/measuring solutions to your magnetic applications?  NextWare offers a new series of magnetic instruments, such as Gaussmeters, Fluxmeters, Hysteresis Loop Tracers, and Iron Loss Testers.  Those low-cost devices/systems will help you complete your project quickly and qualify your magnet-related products for your customers. Handheld/Desktop Gaussmeters, Desktop Fluxmeters, and AC/DC Hysteresis Loop Tracers for soft/permanent …

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