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MATS-2010M — AC Hysteresisgraph

General Information:

AC Hysteresis Loop: Automatic measurement of the dynamic magnetic hysteresis loop of oriented and non-oriented stalloy under the condition of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz and 1 kHz. Accurately measures static magnetic characteristics such as amplitude permeability μa, loss angle δ, specific total loss Ps, remanence Br and coercivity Hc. With special testing fixture, it can directly measure the iron core and stator core of the transformer.

Conforms to international standard IEC 404-2, IEC 60404-3, IEC 60404-6.



  • Various testing samples: hot and cold rolling stalloy materials, permalloy, amorphous and nano-crystal.
  • Sample shapes: ribbon- and chip-shaped open samples; toroid, E- and U-shaped closed samples.
  • Epstein Square and optional permeameter are usde for open samples to form closed magnetic field;
  • Direct winding for closed samples: sample material, magnetizing coil (N1) and measuring coil (N2) to form a no-load transformer.
  • Non-inductive resistance connected to the magnetizing coil loop is used to determine the magnetic field intensity via voltage drop of the resistance. Its precision to capture magnetic field is up to 0.5%.
  • Obtains field induction through digital integrator of voltage in the coil. Its precision to capture magnetic fields is up to 0.5%.
  • Adopt volammetry and digital integrator to measure dynamic hysteresis loop and dynamic magnetic characteristic parameters, such as μa, δ, Ps, Br and Hc, etc.
  • Select different power supplies: 45 Hz ~ 1 kHz, 400 Hz ~ 10 kHz or customized frequency range.
  • Automatic and continuous measurement up to 255 testing points, the testing time of each testing point is about 30 seconds with optional fixed frequency, Bm or Hm.



Under 50 Hz frequency, use 25 cm Epstein Square to measure a stalloy sample, technical data are shown as follows:

Parameters Measured Bm (%) Hm (%) μa (%) Ps (%) δ (%)
Uncertainty( k = 2 ) 1 1 2 1 2
Repeatability(Const. Temperature) ±0.5 ±0.5 ±1 ±0.5 ±1

Output Power: 500 VA sine wave
Frequency Range: 45 Hz ~ 1000 Hz
Frequency Fineness: 1 Hz
Frequency Error: < 0.05%
Output Voltage: 0 ~ 10 V ~ 50 V ~ 150 V ~ 300 V, four automatic ranges
Voltage Fineness: Programmable 1 mV, panel < 0.1% * range
Voltage Distortion: Superior to 0.5%
Voltage Stability: Superior to 0.02%
Sampling Current: 2 mA, 5 mA, 10 mA, 20 mA, 40 mA, 80 mA, 200 mA, 400 mA, 800 mA, 1.6 A, 4 A, 8 A (Peak Value)
Sampling Voltage: 20 mV, 40 mV, 100 mV, 200 mV, 400 mV, 800 mV, 2 V, 4 V, 8 V, 16 V, 40 V, 80 V, 160 V, 320 V, 800 V, 1600 V (Peak Value)

PC6621 A/D Card:
Conversion time: <= 2.5 μs (each channel)
Resolution and Linearity: 12 Bits ± 1 LSB
Voltage Range: ± 5 V
Sampling Period: 5 μs ~ 10ms
Internal Storage Capacity: 4 kBytes
Bus Type: PCI bus
PC6112 A/D Card:
Conversion time: <= 2.5 μs (each channel)
Resolution and Linearity: 16 Bits ± 1 LSB
Voltage Range: ± 5 V ~ ± 10 V
Sampling Period: 6 μs ~ 10 ms
Internal Storage Capacity: 4 kBytes
Bus Type: PCI bus


Standard package includes:

  • One set of TPS-500M Test Power Supply;
  • One set of PC6112 Data Acquisition Card;
  • One copy of SMTest v1.0 Measurement Software;
  • One set of PC Computer;
  • One set of Epstein Frame;
  • One set of Square Standard Specimen (About 1kg);




  • Windows OS compatible software with excellent user interface.
  • Fully automated measurement process without user’s intervention.
  • Display I(t), U(t) and B(t) sampling waveform and B(H) hysteresis loop, or coordinate information at each point on the curves.
  • Display B(H) magnetic hysteresis cycle cluster, B(H) magnetization curve, μa(H) permeability curve and Ps(B) loss curve, or coordinate information at each point on the curves.
  • B(H) magnetization and Ps(B) loss curves measured under different conditions can be drawn together for comparative analysis.
  • Set up upper and lower limits for μa, Ps, Bm, Br, Hc and Hm. Check and shown test results through the colors in data table.
  • Display B(H) magnetization curve, B(H) magnetic hysteresis loop or μ(H) permeability curve; show coordinate information of each point on curve.
  • Print preview function, it can conveniently regulate the size and edge distance of test report.
  • Customized test reports with complete curve diagrams, test results, test conditions and parameters.
  • Test reports can be directly printed, or generated as JPG image file.
  • Multiple unit systems to meet different application requirements.



  • The desk in the picture is NOT included in the configuration.
  • Optional laser printer is available.