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LZ-840 Desktop

Product Introduction

LZ-840 flux meter is a precision integrated flux meter, which uses different induction coils to measure AC and DC magnetic flux. It is designed by adopting the newest microprocessor and an excellent operational amplifier, combined with advanced analog electronic technology. The main part is the analog integrator controlled by the microprocessor. The analog integrator is quite flexible, with excellent property, it can run well in different fields. Embedded microprocessor not only improves the function of the integrator, but also adds a variety of useful functions to the machine.
LZ-840 flux meter reflects fast, easy to use, automatic operation mode and manual mode can be selected manually. With the function of one-bottom automatic zero drift function makes LZ-840 to be a perfect magnetic measurement instrument.

Main Features

  • 16-key keyboard, with multiplexing function
  • AC/DC mode
  • Embedded microcomputer control, automatic or manual range
  • 4 ¾ digit display resolution, LCD display with back light function
  • With superior drift adjust and suppress function, high anti-noise
  • Multiply unit selection: Gs, Tesla, Oe, Mx, MxN, Wb, WB/N, Vs, Wb*cm^2, A, %
  • Store five sets of measurements coil parameters, and automatically recognize standard probes
  • RS-232, output interface of relay switch ( apply for PLC)
  • It can be remote control by computer
  • With function of analog signal output
  • Hardware peak hold
  • High and low threshold alarm function for local and remote control
  • Flexible range expansion

Screen Description


Most of data above the white line are measured values:

<+0.0000 >: the current measured value, display 4 digits, 1 sign bit, 1 decimal bit.
<mVs>: unit of measured value, it can be set by the “Unit” key.
<R>: R means that it’s in the remote control mode at the moment, without it means local control mode; in a remote control mode, only “Local” key is valid in the keyboard, other keys are locked.
<2013-7-6 10:7:42> is the current system time.
<PH:+0.0000>: at the peak hold mode, value displayed, means it is the positive peak value.
<PL:+0.0000>: at the peak hold mode, value displayed, means it is the negative peak value.
<PP:+0.0000>: the absolute value of the peak value.
<1:-0.012>: under the measurement mode, the user press enter to save data, 1: means the current display data’s serial number, -0.012 is the saved data values; under this mode, through “←”, “→” these two keys to view different saved values.

Most of data below the white line are current state:

<DC>: shows the current mode is DC mode, DC/AC state switching by “AC/DC” key.
<Uc1>: the current measuring coil’s serial number.
<Coil>: the coil type.
<Range:>: the current range
<Alarm>: alarm status.







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