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3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

1. Integrated with CMM for scanning

nxSensor-I and -II are designed to fit most CMM, manual CMM or portable arms for precision scanning.

Integrated with PH10M.

Integrated with NC CMM.


2. Scanning Objects without Mechanical Motion

nxScanner is a 3d range digitizer that offers a patch of data cloud over object surface. It can scan large object from multiple views and the multiple patches will be registered together in its associated software package.


3. Sorting Products/Parts

nxSpector is a stand-alone device and has the capability to complete sorting/inspecting without user’s intervention. It is very suitable for automation and control.


4. Gauging Large Assembly/Subassembly

nxSpector can be integrated as a network to collect on-line data in multiple-task environments.