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ATS-300M — Stalloy Iron Loss Tester

General Information:

ATS-300M Iron core Magnetic Parameters Tester is made to measure dynamic hysteresis loop, magnetizing curve and power loss curve of stator core of Motor (stalley), iron core of industrial frequency transformer, finished transformer, amorphous, ultracrystallite and permalloy iron core (closed loop sample) under the condition of frequency 50Hz or 60Hz .

Accurate measurement of magnetic core amplitude permeability μa, loss angle δ, specific total loss Ps, trace Br, coercive force Hc and other dynamic magnetic characteristic parameters.



    • Output low-distortion sine wave with or without load.
    • Auto range for both excitation power voltage and current according to the test samples and number of turns.
    • 32-bit embedded high speed processor with powerful function of data processing.

Test hot rolling, cold rolling and non-oriented stalloy iron core, permalloy, amorphous and other soft magnet cores.

  • Test sample shapes: toroid, E-shape, U-shape and other closed samples.
  • Support sorting, simple operation, suitable for field measurement.
  • 320×240 large LCD screen to display waves, curves and test results.
  • Supports USB 2.0 HOST interface (with compatible USB disk).
  • Supports RS232 interface, Optional ATSView software (Sold separately).



Measuring Accuracy (Warm-up for half an hour; Temperature: 18°C ~28°C Humidity: 30~ 75% Test under circumstance of no external magnetic field.):

Test Parameters Lock Accuracy Measurement Accuracy
Magnetic Induction (Bm) ±0.3% ±[0.3% + 0.1% x (Vf/Vr-1)]
(Vf: Induction full range value of voltage sampling gear, Vr: Induction voltage measuring peak value)
(Vf/Vr-1) equal to or less than 2 (30V, 300V voltage sampling gear)
Magnetic Field Intensity (Hm) ±0.5% ±[0.3% + 0.1% x (If/Ir-1)]
(If: Excitation full range value of current sampling gear, Ir: Excitation current measuring peak value)
(If/Ir-1) equal to or less than 2 (300mA, 3000mA, 30000mA current sampling gear )
Specific total loss Ps ±[1.0+ (Φ/90°) x 0.25 x tan(Φ)]
(Φ: Phase angle of induction voltage and excitation current.)

System Parameters:
Processor: 32-bit ARM embedded high speed processor
Exnernal storage: compatible USB disk with 4G capacity or more
Interface: RS232, USB2.0 HOST( connect to USB disk)
Display: 320×240 5.7 inch LCD screen
Data Sampling:
A/D Convertion: Dual Channel, successive approximation converter
Voltage Sampling: 0~3~30~300V( Peak value )
Current Sampling : 0~3~30~300~3000~30000 mA

Excitation Power Supply:
Output Power: 300VA, sinosoidal
Output Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
Frequency Error: ±0.05%
Output Voltage: 0~10~50~80~100V(Effective value)
Output Current: 0~30~300~3000~30000mA(Peak value)
Voltage Distortion: superior to 0.5%
Voltage Stability: superior to 0.2%
Signal Generation Method: DDS digital frequency integration


Standard package includes:

  • One Set of ATS-300M Iron Core Magnetic Parameters Tester mainframe;
  • One Test Clip;
  • One Copy of ATSView v1.0 Measurement Software;
  • One RS232 cable;
  • One AC Power Line;
  • One Toroid Standard Sample;