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Laser Scanners

With state-of-the-art laser and imaging technologies, NextWare has developed a series of 3D optical digitizers and laser scanners/sensors for Reverse Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Object Digitization, as well as In-process Gauging and Sorting in industrial environments. NextWare has made a great progress on system miniaturization and performance improvement to meet different needs of our customers.

Our newly-developed nxScanner is very suitable for easy, portable digitization of objects to replace expensive Laser Digitizing Machine.

Meanwhile our low-cost nxSensors provide another choice for our customers who already have owned CMM and want to expand its usability. With easy integration to existing DCC and manual CMM, the nxSensors are widely used for Reverse Engineering, 3D Scanning, Die Measurement etc. nxSensors can fit with Renishaw PH10M to do non-contact scanning in full orientations without requalification for most CMM.

The stand-alone nxSpector is used for on-line gauging and sorting with plug-and-play feature. Its portability & flexibility allow users to create a network to perform multiple-task inspection up to 127 sensors.


In nxSensor family, there are two categories of sensors: nxSensor-I and nxSensor-II to select for different applications. Users can integrate either sensor into their own systems depending on particular applications. nxSensor-I is the most cost-saving sensor/scanner in its class and suitable for middle- and low-accuracy applications. It uses a single laser stripe to sense the …


nxScanner is a new member in nx-family and dedicated for fast 3D object digitizing. Compared with nxSensor, it offers whole-field data acquisition and large working distance. Precisely calibrated digitizer is applicable to digitize large objects in any place to replace expensive laser scanning machines. It can output up to 307,200 points within 3 seconds. For …


As a special member in nx-family, nxSpector has been especially designed for sorting/inspecting jobs with its 3-D information. The sorting/inspecting task is completed via comparing the live 3-D data with the stored template or form. The template or form is prepared by users and stored with the sensor. nxSpector is associated with a device utility …

nxClone Software

nxClone is a reverse engineering software that seamlessly works with nxSensors and nxScanners. With the help of nxClone, you can integrate nxSensor with your own motion control system (for example, CMM), or transform your CNC machine into a CMM within a very short time for rapid scanning and prototyping. Moreover, you can plan your scanning …